Yunika Vision features SHINJUKU CINEMA SQUARE 21 by ShortShorts!
Starting from Monday, April 17th, at 21:00 every night,
a Shinjuku street corner will turn into a theater
with Yunika Vision showing short films from around the world!
We will be featuring 1 short film every week, each carefully selected from the Academy Awards accredited Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, the biggest international short film festival in Asia.

■SHINJUKU CINEMA SQUARE 21 by ShortShorts Outline
・Date/Time: Starting from Monday, April 17th, 2017 / 21:00 every night
・Contents: 1 short film selected from SSFF & ASIA
  1 short film will be screened per week (from Monday thru Sunday)

Short film selection

Jun 26(Mon.)~Jul 02(Sun.)
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2006 International Competition Audience Award/ FC Tokyo Student Jury Award

『The Mechanicals』


『The Mechanicals』

Director: Leon Ford
Production country:Australia
Production year:2005
Awards & nominations:
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2006 International Competition Audience Award/ FC Tokyo Student Jury Award

Ever felt there's more going on than you can see? Ever wondered why your walls are thicker than they have to be? In the unseen spaces live…

Jul 03(Mon.)~Jul 09(Sun.)
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2014 CG Animation Competition Best Short Award
『Bendito Machine V - Pull the Trigger』
Director:Jossie Malis/Spain/Animation/2014/11:54

Trapped against his will in a turbulent conflict, an exotic traveler must wait patiently until the storm has passed.

A new service linked with the Another Track smartphone app!!
You can enjoy a fully live experience with powerful high-quality sound allowing you to shut out noises of the city.

By holding a smartphone with the Another Track app downloaded on it up to the Yunika Vision screen during this special broadcast,you will be able to enjoy high-quality sound in sync with the Yunika Vision screen. Please bring your earphone or headphone. You can experience a powerful broadcast as if you were in a theater, isolated from the noises of the city in the middle of Shinjuku.

How to use

1. Download the app.
2. Launch the app and click the “Prepare Viewing” button.
※We recommend that you click this button when connected to Wi-Fi, because data will be downloaded.
3.Press the "Back" button on the upper left.
4. Launch the app while holding your smartphone up to the Yunika Vision screen during the collaborative feature broadcast to enjoy audio in high-quality and high volume.


  • The microphone on your mobile device will be activated, so please make sure it is not covered. Please also make sure that the microphone is turned on in the settings for the app.
  • Users will be responsible for all communication fees for downloading, updating data, and so on for using this app.


■About Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA)

Accredited by the Academy Awards, the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia is the biggest international short film festival in Asia. The founder and representative is actor, Tetsuya Bessho.
It began in 1999 in Tokyo, Harajuku, and has now drawn in 360,000 audience members to date. The first screening received wide attention as the event featured 6 short films by the world renowned “Star Wars” director, George Lucas, created during his school days. Including the official competition, other programs are composed of various categories, such as “Music”, “Environment” and “CG Animation”. The Grand Prize winner is eligible to be nominated among the Academy Awards short film categories in the following year.
SSFF & ASIA continues to support young creators to boldly venture onto the world stage of film.


■A message from Tetsuya BesshoShort Shorts Film Festival & Asia Founder / Actor

Short films are also known as “snack-sized movies”.
They can easily be enjoyed by those who can’t take time off to sit down for 2 hours.

At the entrance to Shinjuku, a town of theaters,
I hope that various people,from overseas visitors to hectic businessmen,
can stop and enjoy a brief moment as they experience the world of film.

Yunika Vision brings three giant LED screens(three 100-square-meter high-definition screens) combined with a text-streaming screen in front of Seibu-Shinjuku Station. A landmark in Shinjuku, Yunika vision offers a wide array of contents tailor-made for the area. With three screens offering a diversity of display options, as well as a wealth of information including real-time news streaming, Yunika Vision has a powerful impact on the vast number of people passing through the Shinjuku Station East Exit area

3-23-7, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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