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Special Features of Yunika Vision

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Special Features of Yunika Vision


Yunika Vision brings three giant LED screens combined with a text-streaming screen to the streets of Shinjuku.

The most distinctive feature of transmitting images on three 100-square-meter high-definition screens is the endless possibilities for displaying the images the large screens not only raise the attractiveness of the content but also enable a diversity of production techniques using multiple displays.

A landmark in Shinjuku, Yunika vision offers a wide array of contents tailor-made for the area. With three screens offering a diversity of display options, as well as a wealth of information including real-time news streaming, Yunika Vision has a powerful impact on the vast number of people passing through the Shinjuku Station East Exit area.

Five Major Benefits of Yunika VisionFive benefits of Yunika Vision

  • Giant High-Definition LED Screens for Maximum Impact
  • Stunning Video Displayed with Various Screen Combinations
  • Immediate and Crystal Clear Sound
  • Original Contents to Attract Passersby
  • Information and Video Transmitted in Real Time

Specifications realize a high degree of functionality

The specifications of Yunika Vision’s screens enable the display of highly attractive video images. The LED screens are equipped with 10-millimeter pitch surface mount device (SMD) type modules for transmitting spectacular images in high definition. This realizes beautiful colors and their accurate reproduction, with full brightness and high detail even during the daytime.

Overview of Yunika VisionVideos of Yunika Vision

The popular Shinjuku Station East Exit area

Yunika Vision is situated in the area around Shinjuku Station, which has the highest number of passengers and local pedestrians than any other station in Japan. A diversity of people from not only around Japan but also from every country of the world feel the attraction of visiting Shinjuku, an area that is home to major shopping centers, stores displaying the latest fashions in their windows, restaurants and bars, as well as entertainment facilities.

Slideshow of various views of Yunika Vision
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Special Features of Yunika Vision

  • Five benefits of Yunika Vision
  • Overview of Yunika Vision
  • Videos of Yunika Vision
  • Slideshow of various views of Yunika Vision

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