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Special Features of Yunika Vision

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Five benefits of Yunika Vision

Giant High-Definition LED Screens for Maximum Impact

Yunika Vision's three giant LED screens are almost 100 square meters each the largest in Japan and their high-resolution faithfully reproduces the details and colors of original images.

Five benefits of Yunika Vision

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Stunning Video Displayed with Various Screen Combinations

Video can be displayed on the three screens in several ways to maximize impact, beginning with the same image on each screen, or three differentimages on each screen for a multiple display. Along with that, the screenscan be interlinked to display a single continuous image.

Pattern 1: Same image on each screen

Pattern 2: Multiple images on three screens

Pattern 3: One image across three interlinked screens

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Immediate and Crystal Clear Sound

Each of the three screens is fitted with eight high-quality speakers that notonly realize excellent sound quality but also project high-fidelity audioacross an expansive area.

Immediacy Clear sound Expansive sound

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Original Contents to Attract Passersby

Yunika Vision continuously transmits highly entertaining videos and useful real-time information. Passersby cannot miss Yunika Vision’s giant screens, making commercial videos extremely effective.


Artist Information

Announcements of live performances and music videos by independently selected high-profile artists recording artists.


Live Music Information

Information on live concerts taking place at major venues in Tokyo, including Blue Note Tokyo, the Cotton Club, Billboard Live, and Akasaka Blitz


Event Information

Information on specially featured performances, musicals, and other events taking place in the area


Updates on Billboard Japan music rankings

Information on top-ten pop singles on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart


Information on Cinemas

Information on movie audience rankings, new releases, and times until the next movies being shown at the Movie Theaters in Japan.


World Entertainment News

The latest entertainment news from around the world via Thomson Reuters Japan


Displaying contents with a high level of visibility

Text streaming:Information transmitted across a 52-meter screen for even more impact

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Information and Video Transmitted in Real Time

Yunika Vision offers solutions for original and immediate advertising. For example, movie distributors can promote their releases in advance of the movie premiere with video trailers, and moreover, announce the showing times throughout the day. Live streaming can also be displayed using Internet connections.

Live broadcast of various kinds of events

Live broadcast of various kinds of events

(images above are samples)

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Special Features of Yunika Vision

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