About Yunika Vision Special Event ,
THE YELLOW MONKEY Debut 25th Anniversary Premier Screening Event!

Full-length performance of the Saitama Super Arena "THE YELLOW MONKEY SUPER JAPAN TOUR 2016" show & full version of the new "Rosanna" track music video!! A one time only, 3-hour debut anniversary presentation!!

■Screening schedule
15:30-18:40 on Tuesday, May 21th
※Times are subject to change without notice.

■Song List

01. Primal。
02. Rakuen
03. Love Communication
05. A HENna amedam
06. Tactics
08. Barasyoufu Reina
09. Kyuukon
10. Canary
12. Hanafubuki
13. Sora no Ao to Hontouno Kimochi
16. Minaiyoude Miteiru
18. Barairo no Hibi
20. Romantist Taste
21. BURN
24. JAM
      MV『TYM's hacking movie』
26. Rosanna(Music Video)

(All videos are the full-length, uncut version.)

A service linked with the Another Track smartphone app!!
You can enjoy a fully live experience with powerful high-quality sound
allowing you to shut out noises of the city.

By holding a smartphone with the Another Track app downloaded on it up to
the Yunika Vision screen during this special broadcast, you will be able to
enjoy high-quality sound in sync with the Yunika Vision screen.
Please bring your earphone or headphone.
You can experience a powerful broadcast as if you were in a live arena,
isolated from the noises of the city in the middle of Shinjuku.

A chance to get “surprise presents” by holding a smartphone with the “VISION α” app
downloaded on it during this special feature live broadcast.

Headphone rental guide for "THE YELLOW MONKEY Debut 25th Anniversary Premier Screening Event"

Limited to the first 100 viewers only! From 15:30 on Sunday, May 21th, free rental of headphones will be available in front of Yunika Vision (Seibu Shinjuku Station PePe plaza) to enjoy the "THE YELLOW MONKEY Debut 25th Anniversary Premier Screening Event" in high-quality sound.
※The spectacular audiovisual event can be enjoyed without headphones as well,so be sure to join the fun.

For more information regarding this headphone rental guide
Public Relations Department, Yunika Corporation
Telephone:81-3-3354-2233 mail: info@yunikavision.jp

“Another Track” is an application that allows you to play a hidden bonus track in high-quality audio. By letting your smartphone sense the song playing on the Yunika Vision, you will be able to hear the high-quality audio version of the song on your smartphone. Another Track is an app that provides music lovers with a bonus track.

“Another Track” is an application is for smartphone(iOS&Android).
Price:Free of charge
Enabled device:iOS8.0 or later, Android version 4.2 of later.

How to use

1. Download the app.
2. Launch the app and click the “Prepare Viewing” button.
※We recommend that you click this button when connected to Wi-Fi, because data will be downloaded.
3.Press the "Back" button on the upper left.
4. Launch the app while holding your smartphone up to the Yunika Vision screen during the collaborative feature broadcast to enjoy audio in high-quality and high volume.


  • You will not be able to use Bluetooth earphones or headphones. Please make sure you use earphones/headphones that are plugged in.
  • The microphone on your mobile device will be activated, so please make sure it is not covered. Please also make sure that the microphone is turned on in the settings for the app.
  • Users will be responsible for all communication fees for downloading, updating data, and so on for using this app.
  • The system may not operate normally for certain smartphone models.

How to use AnotherTrack

“VISION α” is an application which operates inter-connectedly with electronic billboards. Viewers can apply for various privileges or take advantage of useful functions syrup16gply by holding their smartphones up at Yunika Vision while it is broadcasting programs linked with campaigns. Viewers can apply for good-value coupons or enter prize competitions of the artists on show.

“VISION α” is an application is for smartphone(iOS&Android).
Price:Free of charge
Enabled device:iOS7.0 or later, Android version 2.3 of later.

How to use

1.Download the "VISION α"app from App Store
2.Start up app,hold your smartphone up to the Yunika Vision screen during special programs and tap the screen.
3.Press the start button and recognition begins.
4.Turning circle is displayed,hold your smartphone up to the Yunik Vision again.
5.The entry Form screen will appear.Fill in the required information and enter.
6.Confirm your input data and complete registration.

※The entry Form screen will appear only during special programs is broadcasted.
※Please hold your smartphone up to the Yunik Vision and fill in The entry Form screenuring special programs is broadcasted.

Notice and Entry Guidelines

  • Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions, and consent to the details.
  • The system may not operate normally if held up in a position outside of the square in front of SEIBU SHINJUKU PePe.
  • The system may not operate normally due to weather conditions etc.
  • In addition, the system may not operate normally for certain smartphone models.
  • Please remove any settings which would not allow you to receive such messages.
  • If you need to designate a domain for receiving the messages, please use“yunikavision.jp”.
  • Amazon.co.jp is not a sponsor of this promotion/program.
  • Amazon, Amazon.co.jp and Amazon.co.jp logo are registered trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. and their respective companies.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only one entry is valid for the duration of broadcast.
  • Where prizes cannot be delivered due to incomplete entry information, unknown contact information or the entrant not being available,
    please note that the prize collection rights may be invalid or cancelled.
  • No correspondence will be entered into in relation to prizes, lottery or the selection of winners.

Privacy policy
How to use VISION α
Yunika Vision brings three giant LED screens(three 100-square-meter high-definition screens) combined with a text-streaming screen in front of Seibu-Shinjuku Station. A landmark in Shinjuku, Yunika vision offers a wide array of contents tailor-made for the area. With three screens offering a diversity of display options, as well as a wealth of information including real-time news streaming, Yunika Vision has a powerful impact on the vast number of people passing through the Shinjuku Station East Exit area

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