OLDCODEX Special Screening.

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Date and Time
December 16th, 2017


OLDCODEX came to the big screen with never-seen-before live clips delighting fans, and a live stream that was also greatly successful.

Two screenings were held on December 16, 2017 at 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM, showing 35 minutes of live footage from the OLDCODEX Tour 2016-2017 "FIXED ENGINE" at the Nippon Budokan, and a never-seen-before live clip special.

A limited quantity of 100 headphones were loaned out, allowing one to hear the film in the highest audio quality. There was a long line to get headphones, and all 100 were given out in no time.

As the start time drew closer, more and more people came, and the screening area at Seibu Shinjuku PePe Plaza overflowed with people wearing OLDCODEX parkas, bags, and other wear.
When the film started, you could see people surprised at first by the quality of sound from the headphones and the surrounding environment. But as the film continued, the area soon began to resemble an outdoor concert, with the rhythm spreading naturally through everyone's bodies.

This screening included the first showing of live clips from "Million from Codex - Releasing Live .29 Edition - ", and as soon as it went on air you could see wild grins on fans, who seemed to have been eagerly awaiting this moment.

Many came to see the screening again for the second session, and people were delighted by the quality of the headphones, saying that they wanted to hear it one more time.

You could see fellow fans together at the screening, with circles of ten or more gathering at times, and even after the film finished, groups of fans remained for a while.

The screening was also live streamed on our website as well as Facebook and Twitter pages, and it looks like lots of people watched it.
Especially, the Twitter stream rose the huge excitement thanks to a chat function, where fans could post comments such as "What a great stream," and "How nice for people living in the countryside."

【Song List】 Featuring live footage from LIVE Blu-ray [OLDCODEX Live Blu-ray "FIXED ENGINE" 2017 in BUDOKAN], and new live clip.

  1. Deal with
  2. Scribble, and Beyond
  3. Anthem
  4. WALK
  5. Kataru Rhythm
  6. Rage on
  7. Million from Codex -Releasing Live 7.29 Edition-
  • (All videos are the full-length, uncut version.)
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