"Phantom of the Kill" Phantom of the Love 2018 Vision Live Night

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Date and Time
August 31st (Fri.), 2018.


There will be a nationwide 5 city simultaneous release of the music video [Phantom of Love]. Both cast and fans performed a big chorus in"Phantom of the Love 2018 Vision Live Night"

[Phantom of the Kill] game app has already exceeded the 5 million download mark!
On August 31st, 2018, there was a nationwide 5 city simultaneous street vision streaming, including YUNIKA VISION, of the full-version music video [Phantom of Love], the theme song of [Phantom of the Kill] 2018 [Kaijo-hen] (Sea version).
What's more, at the YUNIKA VISION at SEIBU SHINJUKU PePe Front Square, producer Imaizumi, art director Kimura and the glamorous crew of voice actresses staged a countdown and lively talk show. Many users attended this event and livened up the music video's first release together with the voice actresses.

At PePe Front Square, samples such as a short-version CDs of [Phantom of the Love], original label water bottles and glow sticks were distributed, attracting a large number of excited fans to gather around one hour before the event.

The event began as a talk show with the appearance of organizers and cast. First, art director Kimura and producer Imaizumi appeared and called on the crew of voice actresses Rin Oda, Natsumi Yamada, Yuuri Komatsu, and Sayaka Watanabe to join in. Finally, famous cosplayers Moe Iori and Uramaru, disguised as characters of [Phantom of the Kill] appeared and livened up the scene.

At the talk event, the voice actresses talked about how the music and songs of [Phantom of the Love] were produced and producer Imaizumi shared some personal anecdotes that came up leading up to this event.

Finally, at 6:30pm, when the music video of [Phantom of Love] was streamed on YUNIKA VISION, loud cheers erupted.
At the bridge of the song, both fans and cast were united as one as they sang the chorus together, waving glow sticks in the air, quickly bringing the 5-minute music video to an end.

◆Outline of Event

【Schedule】 August 31st (Fri.), 2018.
Talk Show Event from 18:00.
Music Video from 18:30.

【Cast】 Jun Imaizumi (Producer - Phantom of the Kill)/ Masato Kimura (Art Director - Phantom of the Kill)/Rin Oda (voice actress of the character Minerva)/ Natsumi Yamada (voice actress of the character Damocles)/Yuuri Komatsu (voice actress of the character Ness)/Sayaka Watanabe (voice actress of the character Graciza)/Moe Iori (Cosplayer)/Uramaru (Cosplayer)

【Sample Distribution】 ・[Phantom of Love] short version CD
・Original Label Water
・Glow stick (Cyalume)

【What is Phantom of the Kill?】 Exceeded 5 million downloads nationwide! [Phantom of the Kill] is a simulation RPG (role-playing game) having the combined concept of "strategy characteristic" and "drama". Players can enjoy the backdrop of a dramatic story with mysterious young girls named after legendary weapons, a wide variety of job skills and fun of training characters, a flamboyant voice actress crew, and powerful 3D battle effects. This is the essence of a genuine simulation RPG you can enjoy on a smartphone.