yabai T-shirts yasan special feature.

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yabai T-shirts yasan is a band that has gained notoriety with their authentic melocore sound and ability to entertain with anything they do, including their song names, lyrics and music videos.
We will deliver to you scenes from the Zepp Osaka Bayside performance of their yabai T-shirts yasan "Galaxy of the Tank-top" TOUR 2018 held in March 2018, and the music video for "KOKYAKU Manzokudo No.1".

Broadcast period

September 10th (Mon.) to September 16th (Sun.).
10:00 am 12:00 pm 2:00 pm 4:00 pm 6:00 pm 8:00 pm
Duration is 31 minutes
※Times are subject to change without notice.

Feature program

Featuring music video and live footage from Live DVD “Tank-top of the DVD Ⅱ” that will be released on September 19th (Wed.), 2018.

  1. Atsumare! Party People
  2. Kishieki Shuhen Nanmonai(bossa nova ver.)
  3. Oni POP Geki Catchy Saikyou Hyper Ultra Music
  4. Yabami
  5. Kata have a good day -2018 ver.-
  6. Happy Wedding Zen Song
  7. KOKYAKU Manzokudo No.1(Music video)
  • (All videos are the full-length, uncut version.)
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