“EVENT INFO” from April 11th (Thu.) to April 17th (Wed.), features performance information for “Nulbarich”.

High-sound-quality audio app "VISION α" is available to use!

Debuting in 2016, Nulbarich gained popularity almost overnight with their groovy, sophisticated pop music, and has been generating widespread buzz ever since.
This program delivers four music videos together with information on their Saitama Super Arena One Man Live stages.
With band members changing every stage to establish a unique performance style, enjoy these super-cool music videos of a band that continues to evolve vigorously!

Broadcast period

April 11th (Thu.) to April 17th (Wed.).
11:24 am 1:24 pm 3:24 pm 5:24 pm 7:24 pm
※Times are subject to change without notice.

Feature program

  1. NEW ERA
  2. ain't on the map yet
  3. Sweet and Sour
  4. Kiss You Back
  • (All videos are the full-length, uncut version.)
  • Nulbarich official site

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