To everyone considering “saengil ads" (birthday ads)

Birthday ads are one way for fans, who want to celebrate the birthday of their favorite idol with fans and who want more people to know about their favorite idol, to make their wishes come true.

Yunika Vision has a proven track record of hosting numerous birthday ads in the past, and many people have gathered in front of the vision screens to share their joy with other fans. Scenes of the ad will be spread on social networking, so you can share your "likes" even with fans who cannot come in person.
  • Contact
  • Fee
    Starting from 90,000 yen

    You can apply for ads from 90,000 yen per day.
    15 seconds x 2 times per hour (36 showings per day guaranteed)

    We provide plans depending on the number of days, number of showings, and number of seconds of the commercial. Please inquire for more details.

    Bonus 1
    Social media announcements are possible

    Broadcast announcements will be posted on Yunika Vision’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts.
    We will discuss the content and date of the social media announcements in advance.

    Bonus 2
    Package support for outdoor advertising

    In addition to Yunika Vision, we can also take care of the entire process for placing ads on street vision screens and ad trucks all over Japan.
    You can place a wide range of ads with minimal effort.

    If you are considering birthday ads, please feel free to contact us!