YUNIKA VISION’S original app “VISION α” gets a major update!

This is to inform you that YUNIKA VISION's linked app, "VISION α"will be updated on December 5th (Wed.).

By combining 2 app functions into 1, a new version of "VISION α"app has been developed!
You can enjoy using the "VISION α"app to experience music and visuals with a feeling of immersion at a street corner in Shinjuku! Special campaigns to enter contests for artist merchandise giveaways will be held at all times!

What is "VISION α"
YUNIKA VISION is an app to listen to music on your smartphone with high quality sound and to be able to enter special contests for prizes.
*The app was made into one with the "Another Track" function installed into "VISION α".

When a smartphone with "VISION α"installed is held up to the YUNIKA VISION screen, designated programs with high quality sound can be heard.

When earphones or headphones are used to listen to YUNIKA VISION, the hustle and bustle of the city in the middle of Shinjuku is cancelled to make you feel as though you are at a live show.

Moreover, when used for promotional events and such, it could raise awareness or stimulate interests of the listeners and be used for the induction to enter campaign sites and prize contests as a means of promotion.

YUNIKA VISION will continuously air programs using "VISION α" and carry out various promotional events.
Please refer to the "INFORMATION" page on this site for details.

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◆Google Play

Cost: free of charge
Compatible models: iOS devices (above iOS 11.0) and Android devices (above Android 5.0)
"VISION α"is a registered trademark of YUNIKA Corporation.