LiSA feature from May 9th (Thu.) to May 15th (Wed.).

LiSA feature from May 9th (Thu.) to May 15th (Wed.).

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Since her solo debut in 2011, LiSA has sung a number of anime signature tunes and has attracted a wide support with her friendly character and excellent singing abilities.
Here we present the live performance at Osaka Castle Hall from her Asia tour "LiVE is Smile Always~ASiA TOUR 2018~[eN]" .
With her powerful performance and charming MC, the audience went crazy, and this live film packed with maximum fascinations of LiSA is a must see!

【Feature program】
Featuring live footage from "LiVE is Smile Always ~ASiA TOUR 2018~[eN + core] LiVE & DOCUMENT" that will be released on May 15th (Wed.), 2019.

  1. Rising Hope
  2. ROCK-mode'18
  3. Thrill, Risk, Heartless
  4. Datte Atashi no Hero.
  6. Catch the Moment
  7. Mr.Launcher
  • (All videos are the full-length, uncut version.)
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