“BanG Dream! 6th☆LIVE” feature from November 25th (Mon.) to December 1st (Sun.).

"BanG Dream! 6th☆LIVE" feature from November 25th (Mon.) to December 1st (Sun.).

Linked apps "VISION α" is available for even more exciting experience during this feature program!

"Bang Dream! (Ban dori!)," a multifaceted media mix project featuring animations, games, comics, and voice actors appearing live on stage.
We bring to you the sights and sounds of "BanG Dream! 6th☆LIVE," featuring a line-up of voice actor units, that was held at Ryogoku Kokugikan on 7-8 December 2018.
Enjoy the brilliant performance of each band's best live and the excited fans!

【Feature program】
Featuring live footage from Blu-ray "BanG Dream! 6th☆LIVE" that will be released on November 27th (Wed.),2019.

DAY1:RAISE A SUILEN "Brave New World"

  2. R·I·O·T 
  3. Gōka! Gōkai!? Phantom Thief!

DAY2:Poppin'Party "Let's Go! Poppin'Party!"

  1. STAR BEAT! ~Hoshi no Kodou~
  2. Kizuna Music♪

※All videos are the full-length, uncut version.

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