AK-69 feature from August 3rd (Mon.) to August 9th (Sun.).

AK-69 feature from August 3rd (Mon.) to August 9th (Sun.).

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AK-69 made his debut as a voice actor in 2013, and then he showed his talent in the live event as a vocalist, finally he debuted as a singer in 2018.
We will broadcast his live footage from "AK-69 1st LIVE'OVER THE HORIZON'". Please enjoy his performance that he fascinated the audience by shown sharp dancing and refreshing singing.

【Feature program】
Featuring music videos from DVD that included in new album "LIVE : live" first edition that will release on August 5th.

  1. No Limit ~Kono Eiga no Arasujinara Shitteru~
  2. Hard To Remember -Season 0.5-
  3. Guest List
  4. If I Die feat. ZORN
  5. Bussin' feat. ¥ellow Bucks
  6. Hallelujah -The Final Season-

※All videos are the full-length, uncut version.
※Program content subject to change.

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