back number feature from November 23rd (Mon.) to December 6th (Sun.).

back number feature from November 23rd (Mon.) to December 6th (Sun.).

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back number is gaining popularity among the younger generation with its catchy melodies and wistful lyrics that are excellent at describing scenes, which are on the royal road of J-Pop.
We bring you the Osaka-jo Hall show from their "NO MAGIC TOUR 2019", which was held at 18 locations and 35 shows across the country from April to September 2019, as well as the music video for their latest song "Emerald".

【Feature program】
Featuring live footage from "NO MAGIC TOUR 2019 at Osaka-jo Hall" and the music video "Emerald".

  1. Daihuseikai
  2. Old Fashion
  3. Takane no Hanako-san
  4. Super Star ni Nattara
  5. Happy End
  6. Emerald

※All videos are the full-length, uncut version.
※Program content subject to change.

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