Last Idol premiere screening.

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Date and Time
April 16th (Mon.), 2018.


Surprise Appearance by Members Brings Cheers and Smiles to Last Idol Screening

April 16th (Mon.) at 8:00 pm, We were held a premiere screening featuring new music videos from Last Idol 2nd single.

"Last Idol" is an idol audition reality show being broadcast on TV Asahi.
This screening was the first public showing of new music videos from the five idol groups formed in the show, and it filled the SEIBU SHINJUKU PePe Front Square venue with fans. You could feel how much they loved Last Idol, as audience members started gathering three hours before the screening started.

The excitement only grew when it did start, and voices from different places in PePe Front Square started singing along.
Interestingly, as the singer for each song changed, the voices from the crowd changed as well. Of course, this was because the 26 members of the 5 groups were mixed in with the crowd, and each one cheered and joined in their own way.
The fans themselves were a diverse group, with men and women of all ages, and it was a common sight to see grown men watching mesmerized as groups of young women danced with the songs.

As the screening came to an end, the last song was "Kimi no Achoo!" from Choux Cream Rocket. The crowd's excitement grew to fever pitch with this song having been chosen as the second single from the show. The music videos ended yet the crowd kept on cheering.

But the highlight of the screening, already a huge success, was yet to come!
When the music video for "Kimi no Achoo!" ended, the members of Choux Cream Rocket appeared on screen once more. When they announced "Actually, today... We're coming to you!" the crowd went crazy.
The members appeared from the PePe Front Square terrace, calling out "Thank you!" and waving. The gathered fans screamed in joy.
The three members discussed their thoughts on the screening, and their future plans, then took a commemorative picture with the fans. With that, the screening came to an end.

However, even when the end was announced, fans stayed on and kept cheering.
Finally, the members peeked out on the terrace, waved and said thanks one last time.
The members left with fans still cheering them on, and little by little the crowd started fading away, ending the night.

【Song List】 Featuring new music videos from Last Idol 2nd single "Kimi no Achoo!", that will be released on April 18th, 2018.

  1. Someday Somewhere "Kono Koi ha Transit"
  2. LaLuce "Kaze yo Fuke!"
  3. Love Cocchi "Seishun Symphony"
  4. Good Tears "Thrill"
  5. Last Idol "Kimi no Achoo!"
  • (All videos are the full-length, uncut version.)
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