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Date and Time
September 3rd (Mon.), 2018.


A flash mob accompanies V.I's song in the middle of Shinjuku.
Surprising everyone on the street, Pikotaro appears and introduces a well-choreographed routine with 100 dancers.

This flash mob event was presented with the song WHERE R U FROM feat. MINO (from WINNER) to commemorate V.I's (from BIGBANG) newest album, THE GREAT SEUNGRI, which was released on Wednesday, September 5, 2018,
Pikotaro also took part in the flash mob alongside 100 dancers, shocking everyone on the street.

The surprise event took place at SEIBU SHINJUKU PePe Front Square.
At 5:00 PM on the day of the event, V.I's (from BIGBANG) figure suddenly appeared on the YUNIKA VISION screens, and the music video for WHERE R U FROM feat. MINO (from WINNER) began to play.

Then, a man on the street watching the VISION screens suddenly began to dance. Before long, the dancing spread, and 100 dancers gave a perfectly choreographed performance. The event was attracting attention from people on the street. Then, towards the end of the song, Pikotaro appeared! The crowd began to grow larger, and all the dancers faced the camera to introduce their well-choreographed dance.

In a friendly mood after filming, Pikotaro remained in the square to talk about the event, exclaiming "V.I, congratulations on your September 5th album release! Also, thanks for DJing my song PPAP, and for performing at Tokyo Dome! This was a small surprise to repay you! That was fun, and you were all so quick to post the event on Twitter!

A movie of the flash mob was announced on Twitter through the YGEX Staff official account (@YGEXStaff), and V.I's official account (@ForvictoRi), becoming a hot topic.