Movie “Kioku ni Gozaimasen!” Pre-Release Event

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Date and Time
Thursday, September 5, 2019


Director Koki Mitani appealing to passersby in street speech
"Saigo no Onegai" Talk Event

From 18:00 on Thursday, September 5, 2019, a pre-release event "Saigo no Onegai" (One last request!) for the movie "Kioku ni Gozaimasen!" (No recollection at all!) was held at the Seibu Shinjuku Pepe Square, participated by director and screenwriter Koki Mitani, and cast Kiichi Nakai, Dean Fujioka, and Eiko Koike.
The talk event was broadcast live on YUNIKA Vision, enjoyed by about 1,000 spectators.


Come 6 PM on the day of the event, the director and cast appeared on the balcony and greeted the crowd who had gathered there and passersby with the words "Excuse us from up here!" Nakai then called out to the crowd in the square "Today, we have come here with our last request. This is no political movie but a fun lighthearted one, so please do come to the movie theaters with your family!"

Dean went on to praise how fit Nakai for the role of prime minister saying "It 's an honor to be able to stand next to Mr. Nakai. He was so good it feels like he really was a politician before". When asked what her favorite scene was, Koike answered the scene where the prime minister was shouting abusively "For goodness sake's just shut up!" "The part where the prime minister loses his memory and has to start all over again is also a highlight, but I really like the bad prime minister!" she added with a huge smile.


Director Mitani then called out in his speech "This is Kiichi Nakai, the lead actor! He's a great man! and Wow, does he know how to act! Let's all help Kiichi Nakai create his new masterpiece! Please make him a man!", which the crowd answered back with wild cheers. When asked next to close the greetings after Director Mitani, Nakai smiled embarrassedly saying " What am I going to say after all that!" but added "With all the gloomy news around us these days, I think the movie will be two hours that will help you forget the hard world we live in. See you all at the movie theater", ending the event successfully amidst thundering applause.